Three Reasons Why I Would NOT Send My Child to Private Piano Lessons

(Here's what your typical piano teacher will never tell you)


Hi, I’m Nina Nevski…

With a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and 10+ years in piano education, I like to break complex music theory into tiny bite-sized video lessons that bring children results! With over 10 million views on YouTube, my mission is to help YOUR child play ANY song and develop a life-long love for music!

Here's what We'll Cover:

  • Full 30min+ training on the BEST piano learning methods for children 
  • What NOT to do when signing a child up for piano lessons
  • Difficult teaching methods that most piano teachers will never admit to
  • Bonus after training: Children’s Printable Sheet Music (notes) Songbook 
  • Bonus after training: Children’s Piano Tutorial Series (goes hand-in-hand with the songbook) 
  • Bonus after training: Piano Keyboard guide so that you can purchase a piano keyboard with confidence

My husband and I have been wanting to sign our kids up for piano lessons…. well, we blinked and now our kids are 7 and 10 years old. Somehow life just got too busy. This training broke all the details down and helped us make this final decision and actually made it very easy. The keyboard guide was very helpful. – Paula, NY

First off – I didn’t expect this to be so detailed and informative. I didn’t know so many details of piano education and left more inspired. It definitely gave me clarity on what to choose for my son and which direction I’d like him to go with when it comes to piano. – Samantha, NJ

This training went above and beyond. So many parents aren’t aware of the different types of education and approaches. I feel very informed and so glad that we watched this together with my significant other. I feel like we’re finally on the same boat and know how we want piano to be taught to our kids. Sage, WA