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Get Your Child To LOVE Playing The Piano

...And Avoid Spending Years on Piano Theory Lessons that Will Kill Their Creativity in the Long Run!

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After Completing Kids’ Piano Academy, Your Child will Be Able To…

  • Come Up With Their Own Songs at the Piano so That They Can Share With Loved Ones

  • Read Formal Song Sheets so That They Can Learn Any Song They Want

  • Play Beautiful Left-Hand Patterns and Turn Any Song to A Beautiful Arrangement

  • Read Chord Charts and Play Any Song with Chords

  • Pick Up Songs By Ear

  • Feel Free At the Piano and Actually Enjoy Playing On It
This PROVEN piano method has been taught to children who have very different music upbringings, including:
  • those who have never sat at a piano before
  • those who grew up with a piano at home and already have an interest
  • those who love music but can’t keep a solid note when singing
  • those who had piano lessons in the past and got frustrated
  • those who never wanted to learn but ended up loving being creative at the piano