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Your Child will LOVE Playing The Piano

...And will Avoid Spending Years on Piano Theory that Will Kill Their Creativity in the Long Run!

"This Piano Songbook & Video Tutorials got my Child to Play Songs Right Away"

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+ bonus piano chord chart included!

Hi, I’m Nina Nevski…

With a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and 10+ years in piano education, I like to break complex music theory into tiny bite-sized video lessons that bring children results! With over 8 million views on YouTube, my mission is to help YOUR child play ANY song and develop a life-long love for music!

This piano method has been taught to children who have very different music upbringings, including:

  • those who have never sat at a piano before
  • those who grew up with a piano at home and already have an interest
  • those who love music but can’t keep a solid note when singing
  • those who had piano lessons in the past and got frustrated
  • those who never wanted to learn piano but after trying it out, started to love it

Learning piano:

  • develops self-discipline
  • develops confidence
  • increases academic skills
  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces anxiety and depression 
  • becomes an outlet for emotional expression.

Increasing parts of the brain responsible for executive functioning means that students have strong memories, attentional control and organizational skills.

…And most importantly, Playing the piano strengthens the connection between the right & left hemispheres of the brain.

Have Your Child Learn Piano from Home.
On Your Own Schedule.

15 minutes, twice a day